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  1. Restless

From the recording W.I.T.S. (Written In The Stars)

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Written by: B. Brown and Constantine
Performed by: Cudlino and Constantine
Produced by: The Legion (Legion Beats)
Engineered by Michael Glazener (Beat Catererz)
Executive Producer: Cudlino
Publisher: Bear Klan Entertainment


“Restless” – Cudlino Lyrics

My mind on movie mode, Scrolling through memories
Family, friends, n' supporters, All a part of me
Consuming every moment, Savoring the sensories
Meaning the world to me; No, more like the galaxy

All love for eternity for how ya hold me down
Told me I could be a king, handed me a crown
Building towards the top cause we started from the ground
Dreaming about the end game n' how I'll make us proud

Every night I swear I see ya face in the crowd
Even in the clouds loneliness is not allowed
I know you in my corner without a doubt
Shooting stars never back out

Concealing my feelings, Deep thoughts behind my eyes
Staring at the ceiling waiting for the sun to rise
Disguised the pain of sacrifice, working towards the prize
Fantasizing about our reunion more than twice

Nights go by, All I do is watch the sky
Days arrive, Amplifying our compromise
Time flies by together, slow when alone
Don't cry, give me strength, be my backbone

Soon I'll be home to put a smile on ya face
The love full grown, heart to heart we embrace
At the fireplace, get it all off my chest
No longer restless