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  1. Only You

From the recording W.I.T.S. (Written In The Stars)

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Written by: B. Brown and GlitCH
Performed by: Cudlino and GlitCH
Produced by: The Legion (Legion Beats)
Engineered by Michael Glazener (Beat Catererz)
Executive Producer: Cudlino
Publisher: Bear Klan Entertainment


Verse 1:
Thick beautiful princess, Looking fly
Candy to an infant, ya caught my eye
Ya started the convo, I happily obliged
Passion began to grow, Is what I realized

Ya hand on top of mine, We choppin' it up
Telling me bout ya life n' how it's endin' up
Keeping it real I couldn't get enough
Such a solid deal I never have to bluff

Put ya on my team of me to make a team of we
Feeling like a match to be made by G-O-D
Let it be you and me for eternity
Blocking out envy n' jealousy

Verse 2:
You’ve been hurt beforeTake a chance
Lemme show n’ prove to you in advance
Knew it’s meant to be at first glance
Especially after our first dance

Balanced with ya head on my chest
No less than romance at its best
Rest easy as queen of our nest
I swear up n’ down that we’re blessed

Test the waters n’ see that I’m true
I plan to be with you till the end boo
You always get the truth from me, No flex
No less than giving you my best I attest

Verse 3:
So let's run away, Leave the bad in the past
Start new in a different place Stack cash
Want for nothin' We'll get it fast
Workin' towards somethin' I plan to make last

Damned if ever apart like body and heart
Already knowing from the start love's a magic dart
Planted in our souls shining through the dark
Passion police on patrol, I hear the barks