From the recording W.I.T.S. (Written In The Stars)

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Written by: B. Brown and B. Calaway
Performed by: Cudlino and Hersh
Produced by: DJ Naydee of
Engineered by Michael Glazener (Beat Catererz)
Executive Producer: Cudlino
Publisher: Bear Klan Entertainment


“Can’t Get Enough (Sexting)” – Cudlino Lyrics

I know you worried, but your secret is safe with me
Pictures ancient history to avoid questioning
Lessening the consequences non-stressfully
You always get the best of me unconditionally
I know you feeling me, I'm feeling you too boo
Continue to pursue and show me what ya wanna do
Big d**k loves when you strip, Girl I thought you knew
It takes two to tango, don't get it misconstrued
Shoes on with no panties I love to see you in
Ready to get it in, spreading lips like dividends
Sending my soldiers to the front line to conquer your land
Full of taste, never bland, Panocha demands
Imagination running wild, requests getting frequent
Getting nastier each time, far from decent
Recent memories of me digging deep so fluent
Is giving your pictures some major influence

You all I think about when I check my phone
Sending all those SnapChat pix when you all alone
Said you wanted me to see you in your new thong
Laced up and ready for this d**k, ain't nothing wrong
A little bump n' grind on your mind, you missing me
Wanting to kiss on me while under the sheets
Hit every sensory out of this century real discreet
Destination to the cultivation of pleasure full of sweets
Don't tease more than you please is all I'm saying
Banging out guts is my form of demon slaying
I know you're craving this chocolate train
I'll raise up the crane for your brain to drain
Rain can't stop or delay what we got in mind
Keep sending those sex texts and I'll reply
Time to decide which scenarios we will try
Don't be shy, you and I are bound to ride

Keep sending them pix mama cause daddy like
Striking every key with a sense of delight
I can tell your hormones going off like dynamite
The type that likes to bite when prey's in sight
Ya fighting the fever, but ya losing the battle
The bedroom a war zone, and I'm slaughtering cattle
Rattle my chains, send me more eye candy
To be real about it, lingerie is fine and dandy
A sandy beach is where we should go
But for now I'll settle for your peep show
So grown with your seductive innuendos
I think you'd like to know I have protection by the rows
No joke, I'm the rapper with the cap
Attack a green pack, then put on my jimmy hat
I plan to make ya ass clap, it's hella phat
I love when you bounce it back, elastic