All Night Long


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All Night Long is a song by American hip-hop artist Cudlino. A San Diego native that resides in Mid-West America. This party song provides food for thought and good vibes. This is the second single released from Cudlino's Moonstruck EP.

Cudlino (Cud-Lee-Noh) a.k.a. Lino De La Rosa is a motivational songwriter, hip-hop artist, and entertainer with ASCAP. He is also the Founder/CEO of Bear Klan Entertainment (ASCAP). Mixing in his past struggles and successes; he conveys a message of better days and good times for those who fight through their struggles. Never allowing anything to get in-between his dreams, he confronts the hardships and challenges of life. He enjoys having a good time; as well as creating songs that have a "food for thought" message with a beat that makes a music lover want to dance.

Cudlino has been writing poems and lyrics for 15 years. He began recording in 2008 when he joined the group G.D.S. (Game Dream Struggle), which included him and his friend King Dub. They recorded their first group mixtape “Where West Meets South” and released it in 2009, which was received quite well around their area. KingDub then moved out of the state so Cudlino began finishing the solo projects he had been writing. He released his debut solo mixtape “Love 1, Trust None” in 2011, and then his second mixtape “Linoville” in 2013.

As his buzz continued to grow Cudlino began performing his mixtapes around his local markets in 2010, and never stopped his monthly performances. He ended up winning a battle of the bands competition, which gave him the opening slot for R&B artist iYaz. Other national touring artists that he has opened up for are Lil Flip, Project Pat, and Absent. Cudlino was also featured in Music Now Magazine and Hip-Hop Stardom 101 Magazine in 2012 as an up and coming hip-hop artist to keep an eye out for.

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